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Ruffled Grandifloras

A. B. C. Dwarf “Elk’s Pride”. The most outstand- ing of all purple Petunias for pots, boxes, bed- ding, etce.,; “A. B. C. Dwarf Elks Pride” is of upright growth and unusually free flowering A brilliant royal purple, with flowers of good size.

Tr. Pkt...50c 1/640z...$1.10 1/82 oz:/7$2.00

A. B. C. Improved “Snowstorm”.!2 inches high, Improved “Snowstorm” is a pure white. Flowers are 3 to 4 inches in diameter. The same free- blooming habit makes this new variety par- ticularly desirable as a pot or bedding Petunia. TrePkis(T000*%seeds)sectan me see clon sre ein cisterns 75c PibAor aoe $1.95

Blue Beauty (New). A rich velvety blue.

Tre Pee o0c) | L/64/0z4- 91-40 W1/32 02z,. .$2:65 Brilliant Rose. Deep bright rose-pink. Very etfective.

lbp Gia mamas 50c IW ASV. Ch op aieiciac $1.10

Burgundy. Strong burgundy or dark wine red.

Flaming Velvet. Velvety blood red. Prolific. Tr. Pkt...50¢ 1/640z...85¢ 1/32 0z...$1.40

Silver Seam (Purple Robe). Large flowered purple with light or silver seam around edge of petals. Recommended for pot plants.

TrPki..50c 1/64 0z-7.$1.65° 1/32 oz... :$3.00

Steel Blue Giant. Light bluish white, dark veins. ieee kio. 50c 1/16 oz.. .50¢ 1/32 oz.. .$1.65

Purple Prince. A large velvet purple. lige kcteate DOC mun 0400722 OCH O72 OZ O35

White Cloud. All-purpose dwarf white.

Tr. Pkt...50c¢ 1/640z...$1.10 1/32 0z...$1.75 W/L OsOZaetee ee $3.00 VEIOZAR ET Cte $5.25 White Queen. An extra large ruffled clear white.

Trak teereepere, eae 50c WAGALOZ ree tice $1.65 AS ZaOzae store $2.20 WANS e¥eon paca aoe $4.00 Dwarf Erfurts Gaiety. Irregularly marked rose-pink and nit GUA (STER, SUb AN SAG PR WEN ie) Se dine ly Or ee 50c W ASYM eve ob 0 $1.65 W/S2ioznn eee oe $2.75

Gottfried Michaelis. Rich amaranth-red.

JEG in bee we 50c 1/64 oz eee: $1.60 Lace Veil. Fringed clear white. Excellent for HOM DLS el Mek tars a cre poieiewere nen stayalekeiecouehs isxcnepe 50c 1/ GAO eee $1.65 iS 2 O7 ee $2.75 Setting Sun. Brilliant rose. Tr. Pkt..... 50c L/64 07.0 ee se $1.65 T/G2LOZ Eee $2.75 Dwarf Erfurt Mixture. Our own mixture of all the .aboys.. alr tan crccime er i erecte ci tart 50c 1/6407 ene $1.40 OZ OZ siete te make $2.20

Large Flowering Single Fringed

A. B. C. Single Fringed Mixed. This is an extra free flowering, medium dwarf fringed Grandi- flora strain. We can not too strongly recom- mend it for growing young stock in flats and

tor bedding em TroPkts. 3. oti wet os 50c IM OZAOZ tee $1.40 WOW oy.2, te an oe $2.50 YEH OZ oeiticle coh $4.40 WES ops WES Saat Oe $8.25

Fluffy Ruffles Mixture. A finely fringed mixture. Highly recommended.

Uitee kieno0C 1/32 oz.. .$1.40 ¥g oz.. .$4.25


A. G. “Private Sach”

Highly desirable as a pot plant to be grown in 3" or 4" pots for Easter and early Spring sales. Selected with great care, this strain is noted for its uniformly dwarf habit of growth and a high percentage of large, uatiraciive flowers. With a wide range of colors.

Also offered in DARK SHADES at the same price. Please specify if wanted.

Worries a oeeieiete: ¢ 75¢ Trae kt meen eects: $1.25 LG 4iOze ae eee $2.50 I S2IOZ A eile $4.50 WAN COZ Se siaractor $8.00 AW WOV AS a ons Oren $14.25

California Giants Separate Colors

Camilla. Pink, red veined, dark throat.

Tr Pkt woe cee as 75¢ L764 eee $1.40 Copper Red, Dark. Attractive copper-crimson. rae kt eres 75c WAG4 OZsa Eee ee $1.40

Copper Rose. Rich old rose. Tr. Pkt...75¢ 1/64 0z...$1.40 1/32 oz.. .$2.50

Floretta. Steel blue, veined black, dwarf. rs RKt-eeeioee $1.00 W/ GLt0zS peetacome rs $1.40

Empress. Bluish white with dark throat. alia Pali Be rants deep one 50c WACENCPAs oe otsoia dec $1.40

Glamour. Large salmon-rose flower with brown veining on white throat.Very free bloomer. Tr. Pkt...50c¢ 1/64 0z...$2.00 1/32 oz...$3.75

King Alphonso. Dark crimson, black throat, frilled. Frock) kc teeeen ep teteeere 50c WARN evass ped ane ee $1.40

Prince of Wuerttemberg. Deep rose with dark throat

Tr. Pkt...50c¢ 1/64 oz.. .$1.40

Princess of Wuerttemberg. veined dark throat. Tr. Pkt...50c¢ 1/640z...$1.40 1/32 0z...$2.50

Rheingold. Large clear white with yellow throat. Tr. Pkt...60¢ 1/64 0z...$1.40 1/32 0z...$2.40

Robin Hood. Dark or deep rose with darker throat. dire Pkt rene 75c I yAS sya. A608) Ao 2 $1.65

Salmon Beauty (Marilyn). A most attractive bright salmon-pink. lire ekteatOCum 04 OZ eb loom elo Ozme pare

Silvery Rose. Light silvery rose-pink. Tire Pict 7 DCamlly 64 O78. ol -Ghial OZ Oz cbaaso

1/32 oz... .$2.45 Rose-pink with




The Nana Compacta Dwart Hybrids

Admiral. Considered the choicest of all the dwarf blue bedding Petunias. Flowers ruffled at the edges and can be classed as medium size grandifloras. Exceptional for bedding or


Tee teens eee 65c iG 202 meh eee: $1.50

WiUG OZ meee $3.00 WC Way ae Dred Be, Apia’ $5.00

Alderman. Clear deep violet-blue.

Aes TEN is ris phe est</ =, aes eee A RPM, 2 25c

UY Wola ve ea teee) ie, tee COCBEBOZ vas Ie sea $2.50

Celestial Rose. One of the most popular deep

rose varieties for bedding. Tr. Pkt......... 35c

WS OZ mraetate hat cates 75c Yh OZ AREA Fae oes $1.25 IhOZsvaeeee eater $4.00 DIOLS peete trate $7.00

Celestial Rose Improved. A particularly choice selection of this valuable variety and much superior to the regular strain. Highly recom- mended.

First Lady. Undoubtedly one of the best dwarf hybrid Petunias for spring pot plant work. A beautiful, soft light pink in color, especially attractive under greenhouse conditions. Flowers

a good size and produced in profusion. ALY RPK ater pelt tearn Sener che ee rae Maha lets 35c

Glow. Striking carmine-rose and of a much stronger color than Celestial.

Tr. Pkt: .35¢ 1/16 oz.. $1.25 Ye oz.. .$2.00 VAN OZ watcha crete ete $3.75 Osher nee $12.00 Heavenly Blue. Medium to light silvery blue.

‘ire Pte eae sare tra. 50c VBCOZIN wee creneee 85c VAOZ tee ee $1.50 MeOZ sweet otecd oe $4.50

King Henry. Rich velvety red; uniformly extra dwarf and large flowered. ee ct ee oe 50c

Radiance. Cerise-rose with enough underlying salmon to remove the harshness commonly found in a cerise-rose, without losing the bril- liance. Throat golden yellow, blooms to 242

to 3 inches in diameter. Tr.Pkt........... 35c iS 2 OZ. panes i[sye! AlN Sev A coe ote $1.25 Rese of Heaven. Standard rose-pink for bed- CnC wee lis Poti cpeecne tebe eetecs oan seein Mote 25c VAsOZ oases ae nicl e te 60c Oy Aad aera wee ec $2.00

Salmon Supreme. Dwarf light salmon-rose. Very pleasing color. Tr. Pkt...50¢ 1/32 0z...$1.00 1/16 oz...$1.85

Snow Queen. Dwarf, pure white. Tr. Pkt....25c¢ “Snow White.” Its compact floriferous habit admirably suits border and pot plant require- TiShLisml rs Picth hme teen rok eevee oe mena 35c WMOLa seo cee VANS celal ilteraas sable

Topaz Queen. This brilliant scarlet rose Petunia is semi-dwarf and extra strong grower.

TP te ereuaee teres 35¢ UB"OZ. oa sae Eh $1.25 W/AROZ Miaearate yaaa $2.00 [Sys Get Gee $7.00 Twinkles. Small flowered, bright rose, starred WILTON Men lok bievewtcy Pete Shain Meter yeke che eat ee 25c VA OF Cea eh aoe tte 60c TWOZ ee arate $2.00

Velvet Ball. Large-flowered velvety crimson. Quite dwarf.

Tree kten 7 5Cumlio2) Ozer 1.50 mmly Loloze S2e7 5 Violet Blue. A rich violet with a bright blue cast, the plants are near perfect in their uni- form, symmetrical and compact habit, fine for TOOLS Seb SK Lie seek ei tensa thee © ace caren ets 35c VErOZ ae gOC WY oz.....$1.65

Dwarf Hybrids. (Nana Compacta.) Special formula mixture from above-named varieties. AbD ee sera Wecvapin oy allew Mlteyas a tak RAS



“Indicates generally preferred varieties.

Tag, Paki Oe ibe




E Blue BollmecirinvaclcopMol Cay etamnter de eieceletelens $0.25 $1.10 $11.00 & a _ pa , ‘4 “Blue Spire. Very deep blue-violet es abe she ehateate 25) 1.10 11.00 Black Knight Series. Darkest of all. Flowers 2'2 to 3 in., with Guinevere. Light pink-lavender with white bee. Large spikes. BLACKMORE & LANGDON'S HYBRID MIXTURE anes ae ee ee Sees Po ae 25 1.10 11.00 heavy velvety mixture. Poahilent Branchinos habits. (Trae-English Origftator's Seed) ; . 2 - TrRoPkhen see Wiel eae ee) 6 (OVA estan i y / : it t d mmendation on our part. rich rosy lilac color and fully double flowers. .25 1.10 11.00 ee eine ‘- tee < $14.00 Tr. Pkt....-.. ee hace ae EES EG Te Bc x ee Ea X $2.25 Oz $8.00 Cinnabar Cockade (New). A rich brilliant rose- Blue Bird Series. A whits bee on the clearest medium 3 , yy deh fl Cae 3 pita SS. OT a ee : red; symmetrical, compact and double flowers .25 1.10 11.00 blue petals. King Arthur. Royal violet with white bee. 2721nc Ss B & L—ABC Strain. A good average strain. Seed pro- Coral Kings Pink cena o teeter tae eo (25 e 1.10) 1-00 er rit a ios deca ke $250) Ozer asls008 woody stems with graceful foliage. duced in America. Dazzler. Rich lustrous carmine color........... 851510 det 1.00 ee i ae a. ene Wie 56 o oct $1.25 US MOV AG bo do $2.50 V4 oz......- 94.00 Tr. Pkt...50c ‘YAvozes..90c Ozr- .$3.25 40z....$9.00 “Daintiness. Light lenviencer-oluic jitter tt a5 1.10 11.00 Blue Jay. A true medium to dark blue with dark bee. SS el Exquisite Pink Improved. Soft Pink............. ca) 1.10 11.00 Tr. Pkt.. WA tae Round Table Series. All the colors of the "Knights and their *Gloria Improved. Bright rose-pink 25 1.10 11.00 fe aaa ais oops cea CoE: poe 4 : ASHES 0. CTO SOO OOG 0 : Ladies” Series, includir t yet introduced. SOR IFOTIS & I< Lilac King. Extra fine lilac shade.............. 25 1.10 11.00 Cameliard Series. Lavender self with white bee; perfectly 5 ee ee oe = oA ie ssi ms a ree $14.00 MISCELLANEOUS STRAINS Tr. Pki. Oz. Lilac Queen. Rich lilaclavender.............. 25 1.10 11.00 formed flowers, round and flat. Spikes are uniformily in may cal ie oes s BoE oO 0 : Fash ie : “Li i Belladonna Improved (Cliveden Beauty). A very LilaceSpire aceite ek atid lanier ert OS iI) Wak) §—_ejetletnee, Abe JEN odo asoke $1.25 WEN OP Ai on taboo $3.00 S Ski Light bi ie otton Fl ”) 21 ; : ; Los Angeles Improved. Salmon-rose............ 225) 1 Oj L150 Osman zee $5.50 UE ee $9.50 Or $16.00 ummer Skies. Light blue with white bee. Flowers 2 to 2% select strain of strong, vigorous habit. Large Miss California. Pink-shaded salmon.......... vay lela) iat) = eS eo ; inches in diameter. flowers of-brilliant iridescent+turqueise blue Pink King. Beautiful shade of salmon rose...... E95 110 11.00 Clear White. Regular strain of a good white. Ideal ior cut Tr. Pkt.. .$1.25 Vg oz... $2.50 Wy 6z.0..94.00 Oz... ST4.00.,, ~ » Se ee een (/ Ib., $10.00) $0.35 $3.25 *Sweet Lavender. A rich blue-lavender; flowers flowers. se ils CESS sAnnaedsdododsouDpcmaoda.6 29 1.10 11.00 Tr. Pkt...$1.25 Vg oz.. .$2.00 Vy oz...$3.50 Oz...$12.00 V. & R. Mixture. A very fine general Hybrid mixture of all Belladonna. The original or ‘Regular’ Strain. The Empress. Salmon pink................-+-. .25 1.10 11.00 vat y, 4 Rritetkinc a (he Woeaiec oan hiicven tae ae O58 110 rioo Galahad Series. (New). Finest white, 3-inch flowers; pyra- V. & R. varieties. Tree ete 25c Ysoz.....75¢ Oz.....$2.00 40z.... .$6.00 Y TWH White Spire. Good clear white..............-- 25 1.10 11.00 midal spikes. Good branching habit, strong stems. Prices on above— Bellamosum Improved. A rich, deep blue form A.B: Gi Imperial Larkspur Mixture me eter ere iret elec .20 ‘90 10.00 Tr.Pkt...$1.50 %oz...$2.50 %o0z...$4.00 Oz...$14.00 Tr. Pkt...$1.00 Yoz...$2.00 %4oz...$3.50 Oz...$12.00 of Belladonmeat 2 setae tein (4% Ib., $10.00) $0.35 $3.25 1 ti i i. @Qis a yal is | CANDYTUFT LOBELIAGH Se ee PANSIES (Continued) STOCKS A. B. C. SPECIAL GIANT HYACINTH FLOWERED Crystal Palace Compacta, 4 inch. 1.12.4. .8028 $085 $200 AB. B. “DE LUXE”. MIXTURE A.B. C. GARDENIA White. Particularly recommended for under glass; provides excellent cut Geissler Inteleth: -oocconsacdonucoUmbN aco os ee oA 85 3.00 This mixture is the result of many years’ selection from the world’s finest SUPERIOR FOR ITS GLISTENING WHITENESS .. Se nS flowers. A sowing in January should make Mother's Day nicely. We have Blue Stone. Re-selected. Compact habit, large flowers, strains. The seed is hand-picked from personally selected plants which SPIKE * GREATER STEM LENG an exceptionally fine strain of the true kind. Seed sown in October will jeyetdvatataarileolhbKey Scne Sioaia.obmmotoGo acon viodono eZ .75 Biot justifies us to call this unquestionably the world’s finest strain of fancy Contrasted to the "muddy whites,'’ Gardenia, to the best of our knowledge, flower in late winter. Mrs. Clibran Improved. Deep blue, white eye...... 35 85 3.00 Pansies. Growers tell us that A. B. C. ‘De Luxe’ Pansy plants easily com- is the purest, glistening white available. Graceful flower spikes measure ee Pt. eek. 15¢ Or oe 85c TAT Ae: ak: $2.75 eet $8.00 Speciosa. Dark flowers and foliage, pgetlbeneinc oo moce .25 a mls a mand a premium over stock produced from other so-called fancy mixtures. 12 to 15 inches on stems nearly three feet in length. Foliage an attractive Emperor William. Dwarf. 4 inch...........--+++-- 25 75 2.25 This superb strain of Pansies is of largest size, richest and most varied colors, silvery green. The demand for the originator’s strain which we offer has Cambridge Blue. Light blue with green foliage...... .35 85 3.00 and contains several shades of beautiful reds. consistently shown an increase. CENTAUREA Primadonna. Velvety maroon. 10 inch.....:......- 25 Ther Picts sete eae Loma A $1.00 ec anal eee ne $ 2.00 PRICES:) ity Pkt yeeros $1.00 LOZ srry ae es $1.50 Via! OD arava ens $2.50 . ee Sapphire. For hanging baskets, large deep navy-blue Ly eek a Pee Oks Bates WSL $3.50 SO eee ; ae : ; : “$12 00 Vea y Ang RR IES nee ois $4.50 (See ee a Bree oe Ale AG $9.00 CYANUS GIANT DOUBLE (Select Strains) ; ee ae fae eae ee RS Fae .25 .80 2.75 STANDARD VARIETIES edding Queen (Pumila Splendens). Dark blue with ‘6 S Wo? S \/ rt The flowers of these strains are very large, fully double, and the colors Vidabuiey (onder (chivdeiving paeneo odd one UoDUsoOd00 > 90m Aes) 85 3.00 A. B. C. PRIVATE STOCK American Beauty old rose Aer Hes ioe cone intensified. Exceptional florists ee a a ree Aa iW itioky- iS) asbaclol, oy co Cousu ob Uo macho oto 30,00 6 oi .25 Ath) TANS) Exhibition Mixture. An outstanding all-purpose mixture that has given utmost Ball's White Improved. No. 16......... -60 1.00 2.50 9.00 SULTS Tiaras efor ste $0.15 $0.50 $1.50 $4.75 PANSIES eee both for cut flowers and plant sales. Tr. Pkt................. 50c Ball Supreme No. 22. Silvery rose, strong Piikia Deen pink <b cia sed sass 15 50 1.50 475 SWISS GIANT Ve 02s. «Wars $1.50) Vsoz.. 9220 $2.50ncOz ean $8.00 064 1b aaa $30.00) 3a 0 So ee ee eG sal a aoe petersre ce ws E cg ae6 ave S SS ] amois Rose Imp. ( amois-pink) a hiateate .60 1.00 2.50 9.00 ee Mas White e Ry Bs Bae Tr. Pk. Vs oz. Vo Ou. Oz: Dark Blue. (Rather a deep lilac)....... 60 1.00 2.50 9.00 RAE MiCed ght he iy ieles ie bie = nen 75 Alpenglow. Rich wine shades........ $0.50 $3.00 $5.50 $10.00 SALVIA Rose Pink .............-+ sees ese ees 60 1.00 2.50 9.00 se aR TOE ia ; ; ; : Berna. Dark violet-blue............-. -50 3.00 5.50 10.00 yo; 1 ee 1 1 Aten Ruby. Rich crimson-red............... 60 1.00 2.50 9.00 “Coronation Gold.” Canary yellow with ce_ plump seeds from select plants of the inest strains, Silvery Lilac, (Lilac-lavender).......- os _.60 1.00 2.50 9.00 CHRYSANTHEMUMS (Annual) lower petals flushed golden orange .75 3.00 5.50 10.00 ; : Tr. Pkt. Oz. Yellow Wonder. Rich creamy yellow... .60 1.00 3.50 12.06 Lake of Thun (Ullswater, Thuner Sea.) poe eae iat : 7 EHAISES chohavk lis Sronsharanats fesadotens ee $0.50 $5.00 Mixed 65 Fk re cete oacue sitet noretenetarsrrormere 60 1.00 2.50 9.00 Rainbow Mixture. A wide range of tones of purple, scarlet, orange, salmon, A solid blue Pansy with dark blue See ee UN ani en ieee Witee Sint ART she ieee ere rose, yellow, white. All beautifully zoned round the dark discs. with small Dlotches | ier ie Poe eines las 50 3.00 5.50 10.00 ie Pane mmagingble and the habl s fecal He bedding VINCA (Periwinkle) yellow edges. Luna. Sulphur-yellow .............-- .50 3.00 5.50 10.00 The ear iest and most dwarf of all Salvias....(% oz., $2.25) .75 ee Requires a warm house and an early start. 12 inch. i Sipe ae 30¢ yee ara 60c Cees nee: $2.00 Rhinegold Canary-yellow with dark Bonfire (Clarex: Bedmeam) ej crieromteret ot te larersteoter-er reeret cis oti eee -50 4.75 Tr. Pkt. Vs oz. Oz. RSPR. Gti alueibiogc men Gnctas 50 3.00 5.50 10.00 aeons aie early. Very dwarf; scarlet. .(3 Tr. Pkts., $1.25) .50 4.75 Alba Oculata. White with rose eye.............. $0.25 $0.55 $1.75 White (Mont Blanc). Compact......... 50 3.00 5.50 10.00 areball Dwarksccc oe eterelee Oe ere es coperoleseletohohoioherctenct sieionetseete 2 -50 4.75 Alba. Pura... Pure svhites..0 one eee cer 2 E KALANCHOE ie , " Harbinger. A new early tlowering dwarf that we consider the Crimison?95 30. ste cass ere ee = wee STEELE’S MIXT URES Supplied to us direct by Steele. most desirable of all Scarlet Salvias..... (3 Tr. Ptks. $1.25) .50 5.00 Delicate.) Golt ‘pink ac, Gea eek nee ea 25 55 1.75 Tom Thumb. This is a dwarf variation of Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, having Tr. Pk. Ys oz. Y2 oz. Oz. Splendenssplalliicrowingy yer ireitere teieiel die elele) sens setae tepstalell-Pelotct= -50 3.00 Rosea: se ucteeee: ae Pea a Pe me S55 ‘25 55 L.75 the same color. The general habit, however, is dwarf with very short Jumbo Mixed a Amo rc. acon $1.00 $4.00 $7.50 $14.00 Zurich. Dwart, early....- 5 Meenas eee etree tenes -50 4.75 Twinkles. The bright red eyes of this lerge flowered : , flowering stems that form just beyond the foliage. The flowers actually Miracle Mixed...........+++---+-+505 .65 2.25 4.00 7.00 Farinacea. ‘Blue Bedder.’’ Perennial, but best grown as an variety contrast pleasantly with the soft blush envelope the entire plant. An especially select strain. Super Maple Leaf Mixed...........--- 75 2.75 5.25 10.00 annual. Rich deep blue; makes a fine line. Hardy with pink of the petals 25 55 1.75 ee Ditivag eM $2.50 1/640z........-- $6.00 WPM ston tate $10.00 “400” Mixed. A super Swiss strain.... 65 2.50 4.75 9.00 protectin Meta eure inh rae tice ty ead ae ay acl 98.1, 4225 .. ‘Mixture: Each «2a ee 25 At 1.75


NOTE-~AII prices listed are subject to any and all govern- mental regulations issued for the purpose of governing the items herein shown. The right is reserved by this Company to cancel any item offered, modify the price shown, or sub- stitute similar products if the cause of the war so demands.

To the best of our knowledge prices on supply items in this catalog conform to existing price regulations estab- lished as of the date this catalog was issued,

Disclaimer: The American Bulb Company gives no war- ranty, express or implied, as to description, quality, pro-

ductiveness or any other matter of any seeds (bulbs or plants) it sells and will not be responsible for the crop.

Cash Discounts: Cash with order only 5% on Flower and Vegetable Seeds; 3% on Bulbs; 2% on Plants.

This list cancels all previous offers.



31 W. 27th St., New York 1,N. Y.

Printed U. S. A. September 20, 1943


Saves time and labor. Gives highest yield. Bands are re- moved without cutting; there- fore, the dirt ball and roots are not disturbed... .

WOOD PLANT BANDS CAT. Size in inches Weight per1000 #£Per 1000 o. M-310 134x134 x 2 12 lbs. $2.95 No. M-320 Fh a5 Ps en) 15 lbs. 3.30 No. M-340 22x 22x33 19 lbs. 3.75 No. M-350 She Sime a6 21 lbs. 4.10 No. M-360 Sh gees) | prem! 32 lbs. 4.75 No. M-391 AT xI4 A. 40 lbs. 5.60

Packed 1000 to the carton We do not break the cartons.


For handling and shipping our 13-inch and 2-inch sizes of Plant

Bands. Per 100 M-370;;holdsstwelve 34-inch’ Bands. >.<... 20.00 0eveeccewen $2.75 M-390;"holds twelve 2 “inch Bands s..0 «a gna cence sce ccs 3.30


It is imperative that orders be placed NOW for Wood Plant Bands you will need next January, February or March. The reason: Next winter, when demand is strongest, it will be difficult or impossible to procure and dry the logs used in making these bands. Be sure of having the EXACT sizes needed by ordering now.

A. B. G. All-Double PETUNIA SEED

Amaranth Red. Strong deep red.

Appleblossom (Daintiness). Pleasing shade of light pink, excellent as a pot plant.

Blue Brocade. All-America Silver Medal Winner. True violet-purple without reddish cast which obtained in previous offering of purple

varieties. Extra good. Ast: oy MR Meer Pre. ae ry ott Ae ~ at patted Sree hs Gece a aes Oe AS $12.00

Loveliness. A shade lighter than ‘World Beauty,’ and particularly desirable as a pot plant. Sow seed early and follow with successive sowings up until March Ist.

Orchid Beauty. Orchid or light lilac, heavily veined; choice. LGA LOZ Revere conceos Te paereh ey eas tee OG ANS Lancs eee na eee eras $12.00

Pink Perfection. Same as ‘‘World Beauty.” Snowball. Fringed. Pure white.

World Beauty. Practically 100% large double fringed flowers of the most beautiful rosy carmine color; free blooming plants of dwarf, compact growth.


Gaiety. Large flowered rose-red and white with especially attractive frilled petals.

Prices on separate colors, except as indicated.

Ve, Trs Pkt (500) Seeds) seicten. acctcate 2 ticeete s eacaensee eens = sees Ce $1.50 Te PEtAG000 seeds). wok: canis ners ote a ae oe oe Te aoe oe een $2.50


Victorious Mixture. Fringed All-Double Dwarf Mixture. (Special formula to give good selection of colors.)

Prices#on) above:nua)2 Irs PEt (S00lseeds)aee ere aie rere $1.50 fireekte(loo0tsceds) eyes epee $2.50 WAS ope oe Goth aa? $12.00 All-Double “Triumphant” Mixed. Long stem. Cut flower variety.

Prices on above mixture: 2 Tr. Pkt. (S00 seeds)................ $1.50

Tr. Pkt. (1000 seeds). . .$2.50 1/32 oz... .$18.00

All-Double America. Silver Medal All Americas 1943 Medium-sized, carnation-flowered, rose-pink. Prolific blooming nana compacta. 200 seeds..... 75c 500 seeds..... $1.75 1000 seeds..... $3.00

1/64 oz... .$9.50

Inasmuch as our repeated tests of All-Double Petunia have indicated a reasonably normal germination of the seed, no replace- ments will be made on complaints of non-germination. Most careful attention to your sowings of the finer Petunias is in order.